Customer Service-Home Phone Agent (Internal)

Customer Service Home Phone Agent (Internal Total Transit Applicants Only)

All of the Essential Responsibilities and Requirements of the CSC Agents.


Remote Agent Policy describes the policies and procedures for employees to work from home remotely.

Company Personnel Affected by this Procedure:

All CSC Employees. 

Forms or Files Utilized:

·         Remote Agent Program Job Posting


·         Remote Agent Program Training Module, includes (but not limited to):

o   Remote Agency Policy

o   Remote Agent Agreement

o   Home Agent Eligibility/Performance Standards Checklist

o   System and Work Requirements Audit Checklist





 1.      Remote Agent Eligibility and Performance Standards

 2.      Qualified remote agents will meet the following requirements:

 b.      No more than 1 verbal within last 60 days, no written warning within the last 60 days, and no final written warning within the last 180 days.   

 c.       Maintain an AHT within expected variation within expected variation of the company average for assigned.

 d.      Average Call Quality Score of 90%.

 e.      Maintain superior schedule adherence.

 f.        Completion of all required training on-time and with passing scores (when applicable).


3.      Qualified remote agents must agree to the following conditions:

a.      In the event they cannot accept calls within 15 minutes, regardless of fault, technical error, or service outage, employee will report to assigned company facility within 1 hour.

i.      Employee understands and agrees all transportation expenses into the office for any reason are at their own expense.

b.      Remote Agent Eligibility and Performance Standards must be met and maintained to be in the Remote Agent program.

c.       Periodic work at the company’s facility is required.  This is expected to average approximately 2 days per month, up to 8 hours each day. The schedule, (both overall and working at the company’s facility),  will be at the discretion of the company and will vary based on business needs. Employee will receive schedule in advance except in the case of the conditions described in Item (a) above.

d.      The company’s management has access to remote agent’s/prospective remote agent’s physical home work station area for purposes of pre-inspections and periodically inspections as needed/desired by the company for any reason.

Reason  for periodic inspections may include (but not limited to) home station requirement review, system review, technical  support, investigations of complains/inquiries, or any other business reason at the sole discretion of the company.

e.      The expense of setting up and maintaining the home work station and system (if using their own equipment) (see 4 System Requirements and 5 Work Space Requirements) is at the sole expense of the employee.

f.        The Employee will not be the primary caregiver for any dependent care while during working hours in the Remote Agent Program.

g.      All taxability and legal concerns regarding the business use of the home work station is the sole responsibility of the employee.

h.      Employee cannot conduct any illegal activity out of the home or building where the home work station located.

i.        The company reserves the right to terminate or modify the remote agent program for the individual agent or in whole/in-part at any time for any reason with or without notice and with or without cause.

j.        The remote agent program does not modify the conditions of employment for the agent/employee which is at-will:  either the company or the employee can terminate the employment relationship with or without notice and with or without cause.


4.      System requirements:

a.      Employee has two options for meeting workplace system requirements:

                i.      Own equipment meeting system requirements (as determined at the sole discretion of the company).

1.      Minimum System Requirements:

a.       Windows 7 or greater

b.      Minimum of 4 GB RAMM installed, at least 2 GB RAMM available

c.       Mouse, keyboard, and monitor

2.      Employee agrees all costs associated with utilizing their own equipment for working remotely are at the expense of the employee other than company software installation and maintenance.

3.      Employee understands and agrees the company will attempt one (1) time to install remote agent software on their personal computer.  In the event the company cannot install software within a reasonable amount of time, at the discretion of the company, employee may be offered the option to utilize company provided equipment as described below.


               ii.      A Company Provided Equipment

1.      Employee agrees to the following in relation to company provided hardware:

a.      Employee may elect to use company equipment by providing a refundable deposit of $TBD, payable in minimum installments of $TBD per pay period for TBD () consecutive pay periods or until the deposit is met. 

b.      The agent can start in the program while deposit is in progress of being met. 

          i.      Employee understands and agrees, in the event of separation with the company, the employee has 72 hours to return equipment to receive a refund of deposit.  In the event of missing 72 hours, it is at the sole discretion of the company whether to accept the computer back and provide a refund of the deposit. 

   ii.      Damaged computers, as determined at the sole discretion of the company, will not be eligible for a deposit refund.

b.      All Remote Agents in Relation to System Requirements must provide:

1.      Cox high-speed internet connection or equivalent

2.      Webcam for Microsoft Lync communication with supervisor

3.      Cell or home phone as a backup communication system and maintenance of this contact information with the company.


5.      Work Space requirements:

a.      Employee understands and agrees they must have a suitable workspace, determined at the sole discretion of the company, that is free from distractions,  and noises that disturb the customer; free from hazards to the employee and company visitor safety, and isolated from others in-order to conduct confidential conversations with client’s and other employees. Examples of distractions or noises include, (but not limited to): children in the background, loud TVs, loud radios, dogs barking, noisy neighbors, and other people in the work space which may cause disruptions to providing service.

b.      Remote agent/employee must provide at their own expense all work station needs including, (but not limited to) furniture, lighting (fixtures/bulbs), building, utilities (electric, water, internet, etc.), basic office supplies (as needed), a locked file cabinet and paper shredder for documents (if applicable), and all other applicable expenses unless otherwise noted at the company’s expense in this document



6.      Adherence to applicable laws, regulations, company policies and procedures, and reasonable professional practices

a.      Remote Agent must abide by applicable laws, regulations, company policies and procedures, and reasonable professional practices/reasonable practices for their position.

b.      This includes but not limited to all employment policies/procedures; timekeeping/schedule/payroll; HIPAA/PHI policies/procedures; Fraud, Waste, and Abuse; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Anti-harassment/anti-discrimination policy; IT, network security, and related policies/procedures, etc.

7.       Additional policies and practices specific to Remote Agent Program

a.       Continued service and support of TOTAL TRANSIT owned equipment and software is completed by IT workforce members or Remote agent under the direction of IT workforce members.  Remote agent shall not independently troubleshoot or repair company owned equipment other than basic standard troubleshoot (i.e. turn off/restart machine).

b.      Troubleshooting of telephone or broadband circuits installed is the primary responsibility of the remote access user and their Internet Service Provider It is not the responsibility of TOTAL TRANSIT to work with Internet Service Providers on troubleshooting problems with telephone or broadband circuits not supplied and paid for by TOTAL TRANSIT.

c.       Paper document security

     i.      The ability to print a document to a remote printer is not supported without the organization’s approval. Documents that contain confidential business or ePHI shall be managed in accordance with the TOTAL TRANSIT’s confidentiality and information security practices.   Remote agent shall not print nor write any company information, client

      ii.      Remote users are discouraged from using or printing paper documents that contain PHI.

  iii.      Documents containing PHI must be shredded before disposal consistent with the “Device, Media and Paper Record Sanitation for Disposal or Reuse” policy and procedure. information, PHI, etc. without express permission of CSC Management  

d.      Only authorized remote access users are permitted remote access to any of TOTAL TRANSIT’s computer systems, computer networks, and/or information, and must adhere to all of TOTAL TRANSIT's policies.

e.      It is the responsibility of the remote access user, including Business Associates and contractors and vendors, to log-off and disconnect from TOTAL TRANSIT’s network when access is no longer needed to perform job responsibilities.

f.        Remote users shall lock the workstation and/or system(s) when unattended so that no other individual is able to access any ePHI or organizationally sensitive information.

g.      Remote access users are automatically logged out from the TOTAL TRANSIT’s network when there is no recognized activity for specified period of time.

h.      It is the responsibility of remote access users to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not access the network. At no time will any remote access user provide (share) their user name or password to anyone, nor configure their remote access device to remember or automatically enter their username and password.

i.        Remote access users must take necessary precautions to secure all of TOTAL TRANSIT’s equipment and proprietary information in their possession.

j.        Virus Protection software is installed on all TOTAL TRANSIT’s computers and is set to update the virus pattern on a daily basis. This update is critical to the security of all data, and must be allowed to complete, i.e., remote users may not stop the update process for Virus Protection, on organization’s or the remote user’s workstation.

k.       A firewall shall be used and may not be disabled for any reason.

l.        TOTAL TRANSIT maintains logs of all activities performed by remote access users while connected to TOTAL TRANSIT’s network. System administrators review this documentation and/or use automated intrusion detection systems to detect suspicious activity.

m.    Electronic Data Security

     i.      Backup procedures have been established that encrypt data moved to an external media.  If there is not a backup procedure established or if TOTAL TRANSIT has external media that is not encrypted, contact the IS Department or Security Officer for assistance. 

  ii.      Transferring data to the TOTAL TRANSIT requires the use of an approved VPN connection to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data being transmitted. Users may not circumvent established procedures when transmitting data to the TOTAL TRANSIT.

  iii.      Users may not send any ePHI via e-mail unless it is encrypted.  If PHI or ePHI needs to be transmitted through email, IS or the Security Officer must be contacted to ensure an approved encryption mechanism is used.

8.      Enforcement

a.      Remote access users who violate this policy are subject to sanctions and/or disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment.

b.      Termination of access by remote users is processed in accordance with TOTAL TRANSIT’s termination policy.



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